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This course is suited to companies that are in the process of changing their soldering alloy from leaded to lead free or have recently moved across to lead free and see staff struggling to maintain the high quality solder joints they were used to with leaded solders. This course also looks to improve basic soldering skills in all areas

Course length is usually a full day course. Each attendee is supplied with their own PCB with loose through hole and surface mount components to hand load from which they will be assessed and educated of additional techniques to improve their soldering ability.

At the end of the course each attendee will receive their Certificate of Completion.


Topics Covered

·         Introduction to lead free soldering and which alloy is best for you application

·         Working with lead free soldering and improving your techniques and visual inspection

·         Reliability of lead free alloys SN Vs SAC

·         Soldering tips and temperatures for lead free tasks

·         Fine pitch surface mount placement and removal

·         Acceptable solder joints to industry standards

·         Improving techniques using essential consumables i.e. solder pastes, flux gels etc

·         Education on which solders, fluxes are the best to use for your application

·         Cleaning techniques to remove the No Clean flux residues on the PCB assembly

·         Soldering equipment education and maintenance



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